You’ll soon be able to use WhatsApp on multiple smartphones at once


Despite WhatsApp being one of the more early instant messengers designed for smartphones, the company has been a bit slow when it comes to support for multiple devices. It was only recently that the company finally allowed users to use WhatsApp on their desktop computers without having to link their smartphones to it.

Now according to a report from WABetaInfo, it appears that WhatsApp is working on expanding its support for multiple devices where users may soon be able to use it with multiple phones at once.

This is based on the latest beta of WhatsApp where WABetaInfo discovered a screen mentioning companion devices. It basically asks users to register their companion devices where presumably, registered devices will be able to log into the same account and send/receive messages.

This will apparently be done by scanning a QR code, similar to how users can link their WhatsApp accounts on their phones to the desktop/web app, so this should be a process some of you may already be familiar with..

Right now, WhatsApp’s multi-device support is limited to just desktops and a singular smartphone, but this update suggests that in the future, users can link multiple phones and who knows, maybe even tablets. Like we said, this isn’t a new feature per se as other messenger platforms already support the feature, like Facebook Messenger, for example, so it’s about time that WhatsApp plays catchup.

Source: WABetaInfo

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