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How to mute incoming calls by flipping your phone


We receive calls throughout the day. Sometimes we’re busy, or sometimes these calls come from people we don’t know or don’t want to answer. Rejecting a call outright might seem like the most straightforward solution in those situations, but in case you’d rather not let the other party know you’re rejecting their call, muting the call could be the next best thing.

But if you want to avoid accidentally answering the call or rejecting it by fumbling with the touchscreen, did you know that there’s actually a way of muting incoming calls just by flipping your phone upside down? If you’re only learning about this feature now, then here’s what you need to know to enable the feature.

Mute calls by flipping your phone

  1. If your phone is not using the Google Phone app, you might have to download it first
  2. Launch the Phone app
  3. Tap the three-dots icon at the top right of the app
  4. Tap on Settings
  5. Scroll down and under Advanced, tap on Flip to Silence
  6. Tap the toggle to turn the feature on
  7. Repeat the steps above if you’d like to turn it off

Now what happens is that whenever you receive an incoming call that you’d like to quickly mute/silence, all you need to do is turn your phone onto its display and the call will be muted. Keep in mind that the call will not be rejected, but if you think it’s too impolite to outright reject calls, then this could be a good alternative.

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