No Cookies for you! Google to have a Reject all button for web


Google was fined €150 million ($170 million) by France’s data protection body CNIL earlier this year for violating current legislation on how tracking cookies should have been communicated to users.

The way of allowing individuals to decline cookies is so convoluted that you’ll find it easier to just approve them, but Google is releasing an update in Europe to address this issue.

European users will soon have the ability to “reject all” cookies that Google want to keep in their browsers. When you go to Google Search or YouTube, the new button will display.

Prior to this change, you could accept all cookies with a single click on Google’s cookie consent banner, but you had to select multiple options to reject them at the same time.

Wait, what are cookies?

Cookies are little files that websites save in your browser to track your site activity and, among other things, to serve tailored adverts to you. Controlling these trackers, however, can be difficult depending on how they are built.


New menu for cookie selection with 3 bottoms at the bottom described as more options, reject all and accept all

Image Source: Google

The revised banner first appeared on YouTube earlier in the month, according to Google. It’s worth mentioning that while these buttons will only appear if you’re not logged in or browsing in Incognito mode.

Otherwise, you’ll have to alter your cookie settings using Google’s data and privacy menu.

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