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Samsung’s #YouMake Campaign Lets You Customize the Paintjob on Your Samsung Products


Building upon its “Bespoke Studio” service that made its debut back in 2021, Samsung announced today that it is launching its #YouMake Campaign, a global marketing platform that will let Samsung fans and consumers “take the lead with device customization.”

Originally introduced during CES 2022, the #YouMake platform will allow users to select from a line-up of Samsung products that they can then customize with different styles and color combinations, and this includes products like refrigerators, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, and Galaxy Z Flip 3, to name a few. Users can then choose to purchase the product with their custom design. Simply put, the new campaign is a massive expansion of the South-Korean tech giant’s Bespoke Studio.

Samsung adds that “The #YouMake platform offers a better way of personalization and connectivity through a customized control enabled by SmartThings IoT solutions.”

Samsung’s Bespoke Studio was first launched in October 2021, as a way to let consumers customize the look of their Galaxy Z Flip 3 with a variety of color combinations that are different from the “stock” design variants that are being sold by the company. Additionally, users who opted for the Bespoke Edition handsets were eligible for “Bespoke Upgrade Care,” which will also allow them to replace their phones’ panels with new colors.

Similar services from other handset manufacturers were also made available in the past, such as Motorola’s “Moto Maker” service, which gave users different options to customize the external look of their Motorola phones before ordering them online.

According to Samsung, the #YouMake campaign will initially launch in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, and South Korea. There are also plans to expand the service to more regions in the second half of this year. The #YouMake website is live now, and anyone interested can check it out here.

Source: Samsung

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