Google Wallet details revealed in new screenshots


More than a decade ago, Google launched Google Wallet which allowed users to conduct peer-to-peer transactions, similar to other services like PayPal and Venmo. The company later unified Wallet with Google Pay, but now it looks like they are getting ready to bring it back.

This is according to a bunch of screenshots shared by’s Mishaal Rahman where it appears that Google is revamping the UI of the Wallet feature inside of Google Pay, bringing a more modern look to the feature as well as a bunch of new features.

Google had actually hinted at their plans for this back in January earlier this year, where the company said that they were building a more “comprehensive digital wallet”, and these screenshots are hinting at what might be to come. From what we can tell, it appears that this new wallet will support pretty much everything.

This includes payment cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, theater tickets, and even airline passes, all of which will now be able to be kept inside of the digital wallet. It will also be able to pull passes and tickets from your Gmail account, like when you receive a booking confirmation for a show or a flight.

We expect that more features of this change to Google Pay/Wallet will be announced at I/O 2022 which will be taking place next month, so check back with us then for more details.

Source: Android Police

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