Faster game loading times could be something to look forward to in Android 13


There are various factors that can impact how fast a game loads on your phone. A lot of the heavy lifting is done on the chipset and also RAM, but of course having an optimized platform can also help with the overall experience.

The good news for those who game heavily on their Android phones is that with the Android 13 update, gamers can look forward to their games potentially loading faster on their devices. This is according to a deep dive in the Android 13 Developer Preview by Mishaal Rahman of where a new “setGameState” method was discovered. According to the post:

“Android’s GameManager API has added a method called setGameState that lets games communicate the current state of the game to the platform. Games can pass the top-level state of the game, indicating if the game can be interrupted or not. Games can also tell the platform if it’s loading something (assets/resources/compiling/etc.), which can pass a hint to the power HAL to boost CPU performance to improve loading times.”

As noted by PhoneArena, manufacturers already include features of their own designed to boost game performance and loading times, such as phones designed specifically for gaming. The downside to this is that it is brand and model dependent, so having it on a native Android level could help provide a more unified experience.

Also, some bad news here is that apparently Google only plans to include this feature in devices that ship with Android 13 out of the box, meaning that phones upgrading from Android 12 (or older) might not be able to benefit from this.

Source: PhoneArena

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