5 of the best massage guns to sooth your sore muscles


If you haven’t worked out for a long time, or if you’re trying a new exercise that you’ve never done before, or if you’re trying to set a new PR when you’re doing weight training, chances are the next day you’re going to feel a bit sore.

This is also known as delayed onset muscle soreness and it is pretty common, and sometimes it is recommended that you should still proceed with your workouts anyway (but make sure to listen to your body).

One of the ways that you can actually help reduce soreness in your muscles is with a massage gun. These are handy little tools that when used correctly, can help alleviate any soreness you might feel whether it’s from a workout or if you’re feeling a little sore after sitting at work all day.

If you’re keen on getting a massage gun for yourself, then here are some of the best options we’ve found.

Vybe V2 Muscle Massage Gun

There are so many choices out there it can feel overwhelming, but if you’re not after anything fancy and just want a massage gun that works and doesn’t break the bank, then the Vybe V2 Muscle Massage Gun could be it.

It features an assortment of attachment heads to help you massage the right spot, and the arm can also rotate at various angles so that you can get those hard to reach areas if no one is around to help you.

The included batteries are also fast-charging and can be swapped out, meaning that you can use the massage gun while the other battery is being charged.

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opove Massage Gun

If you’ve ever heard a massage gun in action, you know that it can get quite loud, but that isn’t a problem for the opove Massage Gun which is said to be around 35 to 55 decibels. It boasts a 15mm amplitude which should be able to get those deep tissues, plus it has a four hour battery life which means that you will be able to use it for quite a bit before it needs to recharge.

There are a variety of attachments that you can use with the gun depending on your needs, plus there is a carrying case which helps you stow it away neatly when not in use or if you need to bring it out with you.

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Recoverfun Mini Massage Gun

While some massage guns do come with a carrying case, the overall footprint is still pretty big and might not necessarily be that convenient to bring around. If you maybe need a massage gun that you can bring with you to the gym or keep it at your desk or bring it to work, then Recoverfun’s Mini Massage Gun could be the perfect package.

It weighs just 1.1lbs and despite its size, it has a battery that’s good for about 5 hours, which is pretty impressive for such a small device. It is capable of generating up to 3,2000 percussions per minute so if you’re not necessarily looking for something intensive, it should be good enough to get the job done.

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TimTam Power Massager Pro

If for whatever reason you might need a massage gun that offers a high-intensity massage, then the TimTam Power Massager Pro might be it. The company claims that its massage gun is powerful enough where it can target muscle groups that need recovery in just 30 seconds.

It offers varying speeds from 1,000 strokes, 2,000 strokes, or 2,800 strokes per minute, and at its lowest setting, it can be as quiet at 10dB. It also features a heated tip which can be useful to help relax your sore muscles after a workout or if you’re feeling a bit stiff from standing on your feet all day or sitting down at work for extended hours.

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TheraGun Elite

Most massage guns typically come with different speeds, but these speeds are all preset which means that in some cases, it might be hard for users to find the right speed and they will just have to make do, but that isn’t the case with the TheraGun Elite which allows users to customize and dial in the speed they want.

It comes with an OLED display that can show the speed the gun is at and the force, and there’s also an accompanying smartphone app that lets you control it remotely. The way the TheraGun Elite has been designed also provides users with a multitude of ways to hold it to find the best angle. It has also been designed with sound insulation so that it will remain relatively quiet while in use.

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