5 of the best standing desks for 2022


Due to the pandemic, many of us have been forced to work from home remotely. Or maybe some of you have always worked from home. One of the problems of working from home is that many of us tend to find ourselves sitting down for extended periods of time which according to various studies, have shown that it can be bad for health.

This is why over the years, we’ve seen an increase in popularity when it comes to standing desks. For those unfamiliar, standing desks are basically desks that come with a mechanism that allows the desk to raise up. This in turn allows users to keep working but in a standing position, helping them alternate between sitting and standing.

If you do find yourself sitting for too long during the day and don’t get enough exercise, then maybe investing in a standing desk could be a good place to start, and here are some of the options we’ve found that might be worth checking out.

IKEA Trotten

There are many standing desks available in the market today and many of them rely on motors to help move the desk up and down, but the problem with these setups is that they can be pretty expensive.

If you’re not willing to spend hundreds of dollars (or more) on a motorized standing desk, then IKEA’s Trotten desk could be a more affordable alternative. It relies on a hand crank to elevate your desk to raise it up or down. By not utilizing an electric motor, you can save yourself some money.

The desk itself is pretty basic and standard and can raise itself up to 47.25-inches or go as low as 27.5-inches while supporting a maximum load of 110lbs.


IKEA Bekant

If the idea of cranking your desk up and down manually seems like a chore and you don’t mind spending a bit more money, IKEA’s Bekant series offers a motorized alternative. It offers a range between 22-inches up to 48-inches in height, plus given that this is IKEA, there are various legs and tops that you can mix and match to put together the perfect look.

Unlike the Trotten, the Bekant motorized standing desk does support a heavier load of up to 154lbs, so if you have a more complex setup with speakers, a large monitor, or a desktop, this could be a better choice.


FLEXISPOT EC1 Standing Desk

If you’re shopping on a budget but want an electric standing desk, then the FLEXISPOT EC1 could be worth taking a look at. Offered in various sizes from as small as 42-inches wide and going up to 60-inches, there will be various options for users to choose from that will best suit their needs and setup.

The desk can be adjusted from as low as 28-inches up to 47.8-inches and will support up to 154lbs of weight. It is also a relatively quiet desk which clocks in under 50dB while you’re making adjustments, so if you need to move it up or down without disturbing everyone else around you, this shouldn’t be a problem.

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Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

Now, a good many desks rely on metal legs for stability and support, but sometimes they sacrifice the top of the desk by using cheaper materials. If you want a desk that will last you for years that doesn’t feel “cold” unlike desks that use glass or metal tops, then solid wood is a good choice.

Fully’s Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk is one of those options where it features a block of solid bamboo for the top of the desk. The company also claims that the bamboo used is sustainably sourced so you don’t have to feel too bad about it if you’re environmentally conscious.

This particular desk is also pretty “strong” in its support and features 350lbs of lifting capacity and can be adjusted between 22.9-inches to 42.9-inches in height.

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Autonomous XL Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk

For those who have particularly large setups or if you just prefer having more desk space to work with, the Autonomous XL standing desk is an option. It features a width of 70-inches and a depth of 30-inches, meaning that you can place your monitor further away from you which might be better for your eyes.

It has 300lbs of lifting capacity and a noise level of 45dB, making it relatively quiet. It can be adjusted from as low as 26-inches and can go up to 52-inches, slightly taller than some of the other models listed above which might be preferable for users who are taller. Its electric motor can lift at speeds of 2.3-inches per second so you should be able to make adjustments quickly.

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