Google Fi’s Unlimited plans just got a lot cheaper


Last April, Google announced their new Simply Unlimited plans that basically celebrated Google Fi turning six years old. The base plan started at $30, but it appears that Google has decided to slash the price of its offerings across the board, making it cheaper for users to subscribe.

Simply Unlimited

With the new prices, the base Simply Unlimited plan will be priced at $20 per member per line a month for users who have four or more lines. For those with three lines, it will now be $25 instead of $30, while those on two lines will only have to pay $40 instead of $45, and those on a single line will only need to pay $50 instead of $60.

These are pretty significant savings because a savings of $5-$10 a month can quickly add up over the years you plan on sticking with Google Fi.

Unlimited Plus

For those who might be subscribed to Google Fi Unlimited Plus plans, it appears that those will also be getting a price cut where the base plan for those with four or more lines will now cost $40 instead of $45, $45 instead of $50 for three lines, $55 instead of $60 for two lines, and last but not least, $65 instead of $70 for those with only one line.

For existing customers, the changes in price will come into effect in their next billing cycle, but new customers can take advantage of the new prices immediately.

Source: 9to5Google

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