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The first customers noticed “Connected devices” information for Bluetooth headphones emerge at the top of the Google Pixel Launchers and on the lockscreen last Thursday. At a Glance is now receiving a “Earthquake alert” notice from Google.

You’ll be able to see this along with the Bluetooth connection/battery level status, a safety check countdown from Personal Safety, and “reminders to turn off your alarm if the next day is a holiday,” this capability was introduced as part of the March Feature Drop.

The presence of “Earthquake alert” indicates that another capability required its own preference for you to be able to toggle on or off depending on your preferences. The At a Glance feature has a notice on it that explains when you should get an alert in the event of an earthquake. You will get an “alert when earthquake larger than magnitude 4.5 detected nearby.” A magnitude 4.5 earthquake is described as being “often felt, but causing minor damage” by Michigan Tech. 

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That’s the same level that causes Android’s built-in “Earthquake alarms” to take over your screen (Settings app > Safety & emergency). We’re seeing it on a Pixel 6 Pro (Android 12 QPR3 Beta 1.1) in California, where it’s enabled by default. The state uses the USGS ShakeAlert system, as do Oregon and Washington, and Android has its own crowdsourced system. This warning joins the AAG’s severe weather alerts.

It has yet to emerge in At a Glance on additional devices. The introduction of Earthquake alert was not followed by Connected devices, which isn’t widely stretched out yet, indicating that Google looks to be pushing out the new AAG capability in stages rather than all at once. We would be encouraging all of our readers to be activating the feature when the rollout comes to their devices as our smartphones are more than just ways to keep in touch with the world, but to provide key access in case the worst shall arrive.

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