Mar 23rd, 2022

Google’s latest software update for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro comes with a new set of features and a number of bug fixes, which address several complaints that users have had for the past few months. One of the newest features to be included is a battery widget that Pixel users can finally pin to their homescreens. The widget will allow Pixel owners to monitor their battery life in real-time, as well as the battery on Bluetooth devices currently connected to their phone.

Accessing the battery widget is simple, although it’s buried under a ton of other widgets. To access it, users simply have to tap and hold on to their homescreen until the pop-up menu for wallpapers and widgets appears. From there, tap on “Widgets” and then scroll down to “Settings Services.” Another tap will give you a preview of the battery widget, which you can then drag and pin onto your homescreen, provided that no other widgets are occupying the space.

In addition to battery percentage, the widget will also display the phone’s device name and the names of any other Bluetooth devices actively connected at the moment. Tapping on the device name will take you to the main Battery menu in the Settings app while tapping on the connected devices will take you to the Bluetooth menu in the Settings app.

The battery widget is only one of many new features and fixes on the March software update for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. The software update also fixes the Wi-Fi connectivity issue that some Pixel users have experienced, as well as improvements to the speed and accuracy of the in-display fingerprint scanner on the device. Why Google didn’t just list this widget under “Battery” (for faster access) we’ll never know, but at least there’s now a way to instantly check the phone’s battery life on one’s homescreen.

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