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Google Translate has received a helpful update that fixes a previous issue with Gboard’s language after you first start to write in the app. It now changes the language of the keyboard app to matching the one you’re translating from.

According to 9to5Google, the latest Google Translate app version 6.33 and Gboard version 11.6 (beta) updates are available on many of the best Android phones running Android 12. We can also certify that it is now compatible with Android 11 devices.

Whole new view

When translating from French to English, for example, the latest feature can be really handy. When you start to write in the Translate text field, Gboard’s language changes to French automatically.

Image Source: 9to5Google

Gboard’s language used to be determined by your phone’s system default, independent of the language you were converting in Google Translate. Previously,  have had to go into the keyboard app’s settings and make the required adjustments to change that.

This will be a great update for those users who rely on Google Translate regularly for work or for day to day communication. So, be sure to keep an eye out for the update when it begins to roll out on the Betas and for Android 11 and 12.

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