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It can be hard to appreciate how difficult it can be to find a doctor when you need one the most. As one of the staff here at Phandroid who is chronically ill, I can confirm that the time and energy wasted trying to find a practicing right who will take you as soon as possible requires so much time and emotional energy. However, the days of running around trying to find numbers, and contacting every clinic in your local area for a doctor’s appointment may truly be in the past. No more being on hold, no more anxiously waiting, no more having to try and disclose sensitive topics in order to get seen by your local doctor.

Google has stated that the next open consultation with a healthcare professional will be displayed straight on the Google search page.

Pick and Choose

During the initial launch, which will begin in the coming weeks, the company is collaborating with MinuteClinic at CVS and other undisclosed appointment schedulers, according to product manager Jackie DeJesse. This will only be available in English at first.

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When someone looks up a doctor or a health provider’s office, they can discover what kinds of appointments are available as well as the earliest appointment date. They will be directed to a third party to schedule an appointment if they click the “book” button.

When looking for a MinuteClinic in San Francisco, for example, a “visits” tab will appear, with options for TB tests, immunizations, skin conditions, and other types of appointments. According to DeJesse, people can’t currently place adverts to that section.

The tool’s launch follows Google’s announcement in December of other healthcare search tools, including the ability to identify which languages are spoken in a doctor’s office and which insurance networks the practice accepts.

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