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Nowadays, driving a car provides numerous opportunities for distraction. Other drivers or pedestrians, as well as mobile devices and simply daydreaming, can all be sources of distraction. Spotify, on the other hand, is rumored to be working on a new Car Mode that is already in beta for some Android users in order to make using it a little less of a distraction.

Head out on the highway

Spotify is among the most popular streaming music services accessible, thus its decision to remove the Car View function from the platform’s smartphone app was unexpected. When Spotify disabled the feature, there was no word on when or if the streaming service will reintroduce it.




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When connecting their smartphones to their car’s  Bluetooth, Google and many other Android users are introduced to a new Car Mode. The Spotify app will prompt the user to press the automobile button in the lower right corner of the screen once connected. The new Car Mode offers a simpler playback screen as well as search, which was mostly absent from the old Car View option.

When driving, the new Car Mode tries to mix the regular Spotify UI with a more compact and driver-friendly perspective. On the playback screen, there are huge touchpoints for going back or skipping tracks, play/pause, shuffle, like, and a microphone for voice control. There are other buttons at the bottom of the screen for returning to the home page, using voice search, and seeing the library.

Sources: 9to5Google

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