Smartphones with better energy efficiency could be coming soon


Our smartphone displays have improved massively over the years, from low-resolution and dull-ish LCD displays, to bright, vibrant, and high-resolution OLED screens. But still, despite these improvements, our displays are one of the main culprits when it comes to battery drain, namely due to how much energy is required to power them.

The good news is that it seems that we might soon be able to look forward to more energy-efficient displays. According to a post on Weibo, it appears that LTPO 3.0 technology is expected to be launching next month.

For those unfamiliar, LTPO stands for low-temperature polycrystalline oxide. It is basically the backplane technology used in OLED screens. Unlike LCDs or older forms of OLED, LTPO is meant to be more energy-efficient, which is why they are generally used in displays that have higher refresh rates. The lower energy requirements help to offset the extra energy required for higher refresh rates.

Right now, the LTPO tech we find in newer smartphones is version 2.0. The main difference between the second-gen and first-gen is that the first-gen allows for a dynamic refresh rate of 10Hz to 120Hz, while the second-gen can go from 1Hz to 120Hz.

At the moment, it is unclear what the differences LTPO 3.0 will bring to the table, but assuming it maintains its original goal of being energy-efficient, a general improvement to battery life is something we can probably expect. That being said, there is no mention of which phones could take advantage of LTPO 3.0, but we wouldn’t be surprised if we had to wait until 2023 for the first models to debut.

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