Instagram brings back the beloved Chronological Feed


Instagram is bringing back the popular chronological feed, which allows users to see the most recent postings from the accounts they follow. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced the change on Wednesday, and it will contain two new channels that users may switch between.

These new feeds can be found in the upper left corner of the Instagram program for iOS and Android phones, according to the blog post. The first new feed, branded “Following,” is simple: it displays the most recent postings from the accounts you follow in chronological order. This is in contrast to the main Instagram feed, which is increasingly populated with suggested posts from users that the app believes you might enjoy based on your activity and is presented in no particular order.

The “Favorites” option is more sophisticated, requiring users to manually select which profiles they want to keep a watchful eye on. Users can favorite up to 50 accounts, and postings from these accounts will appear higher in the main home feed and in chronological order on the “Favorites” page.

Algorithms and Services

Instagram said earlier this year that it was testing these new feeds to give users greater control over how they use the service. This came after previous issues that raised concerns about Instagram’s impact on teenagers, which were ascribed to the app’s algorithm exposing potentially hazardous content.

Mosseri, on the other hand, insists that Instagram’s algorithm is not damaging. On Wednesday, he noted that recommended posts would continue to appear in the main home feed, while praising Instagram’s rated feed. This on top of Instagrams Family Centre feature designed to help families come together to talk about the content that is seen on Instagram its clear to see that Instagram are trying to take steps in the right direction.

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