MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2022 lands just in time for Spring Training to get underway


It’s no secret that the players and owners took CBA negotiations down to the wire. But with less than a month until Opening Day 2022, you’re likely looking for something to help cure that baseball fever.

Over the past couple of years, MLB Tap Sports Baseball has been the go-to mobile baseball game for fans everywhere. Part of this can be attributed to the fact that it’s officially licensed by Major League Baseball, so you can play the game with your favorite ballplayers. But another (arguably larger) reason is because TSB makes it possible for you to build, assemble, and compete using your roster.

With the CBA lockout no longer a concern, EA Sports has announced that MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2022 (TSB22) is finally here for everyone! But instead of just releasing the same game with some updated graphics, the developers have actually implemented some pretty awesome features that should spice things up a bit.

  • Champions Tier – A brand new way for players to earn rewards for their baseball accomplishments – complete challenging tasks and rank in Club Events to climb up through Champions Tiers and earn the biggest and best rewards.
  • Avatar Gear – Customize your team in a variety of ways by equipping your avatar with all-new gear that provides in-game boosts to your lineup and shows off your unique style.
  • New Leaderboards and Rewards – Flexible leaderboards for all of the different in-game scenarios and even more rewards from new Club events and the latest and greatest Weekly Content. 
  • Improved Visual Fidelity – Physics-based rendering and textures that create ultra-realistic player models and over 300 new motion-capture animations to provide a more authentic baseball experience. 
  • Revamped UI – The latest UI improvements for a cleaner, more streamlined and responsive experience for both new and existing users alongside improvements to player models and animations. 

Following last year’s surprising MVP campaign, Philadelphia Phillies OF Bryce Harper is this year’s “cover athlete” for TSB22. So you’ll find plenty of challenges that make it easy to get Harper on your team for the various competitions and events.

One concern that we’ve had whenever a new TSB game is released comes via being able to transfer the best players from last year’s squad into the latest game. EA Sports and Glu Mobile have provided a detailed tutorial that should make it extremely easy to get everything transferred over.

Whether this is your first time playing, or you’re a seasoned-vet, TSB22 is actually a lot of fun to play and helps get you through those dog days of Summer, even if the actual team isn’t doing too hot. As always, TSB22 is free to download and is available for Android, iOS, and even the Amazon App Store.


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