Google might downsize the Pixel 7’s display by a tad


In 2021, Google launched both the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. With the former, the handset had a display size of 6.4-inches, but if a recent tweet by DSCC CEO Ross Young is to be believed, it seems that Google might end up downsizing the display by a tad to about 6.3-inches for the Pixel 7.

We’re not sure why Google is shrinking the display, but maybe they wanted to make the Pixel 7 Pro look bigger by comparison, which according to Young is expected to continue to maintain its 6.7-inch screen. Alternatively, Google could also be looking to cut costs where a smaller 6.3-inch display could be cheaper to make compared to a 6.4-inch one.

Given that Google is expected to make probably hundreds of thousands, if not millions of units, those costs can add up. We’re not sure if this could also mean that Google could end up cutting the price of the phone due to the smaller display, but we wouldn’t necessarily get our hopes up just yet.

Young also responded to questions about the refresh rates on the displays, where he claims that the Pro model will continue to feature a 120Hz LTPO as the Pixel 6 Pro, but there was no mention of the base Pixel 7’s display. Assuming Google isn’t changing the launch dates of the phone, we expect that the phone will most likely be announced in October.

Previously leaked renders have suggested that Google will most likely be retaining the form factor from the Pixel 6 series, so apart from the marginal change in display size, the rest of the phone should more or less look like its predecessor.

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