Samsung is already rolling out a huge update for the Galaxy S22 lineup


The day has finally arrived as the Galaxy S22 lineup and Galaxy Tab S8 is officially available for purchase. If you can manage to find one, you can head into your local carrier or big-box electronics store and walk out with a brand new phone. After you get everything set up and are signed in with your accounts, you’ll want to jump into the Settings menu because Samsung has a surprise waiting.

Out of the box, Galaxy S22 owners will find a rather massive update waiting for them. The update measures in at a whopping 811.19MB and while the changelog is pretty basic, this is for a good reason. The description only states that “overall stability of functions improved”, but it also lists a slew of Samsung apps that “may” be updated in the process.

Over the past week, the Galaxy S22 family of devices has been landing in the hands of those who pre-ordered the phones. Unfortunately, there have been a variety of issues plaguing devices, notably Exynos versions, as users have found that performance is just not acceptable as the phone is experiencing lagging while interacting with the interface or using different apps. Additionally, some owners of the device have found that a random pixelated line will appear when watching a YouTube video or simply unlocking the phone with a fingerprint.

It’s entirely likely that this day-one update will solve those problems, while also bringing along the February Android security patch to its latest devices. According to Samsung, the February patch fixes more than 60 privacy and security vulnerabilities, so you’ll definitely want to make sure you install this update as soon as possible. In order to make sure you’re running on the latest version, the build numbers for this update are S908BXXU1AVBF / S908BOXM1AVBF / S908BXXU1AVBF.

Let us know if you’ve already received the update and whether you’ve noticed any differences in performance.

Sources: Max Jambor, SamMobile

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