Samsung is expected to bring only one major change to the Galaxy Z Fold 4


While the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is easily the best foldable phone on the market, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some issues or complaints to be had. For one, the phone is still too narrow for some to comfortably use on a regular basis. Another reason has to do with the S Pen in the inability to “house” it anywhere on your phone without needing to modify a case yourself to change that.

A new report from The Elec claims that Samsung will be making some major changes to the Galaxy Z Fold 4. The first, and arguably biggest, change is that Samsung will be integrating the S Pen into the Z Fold 4. It’s likely that we’ll see something similar to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, with an S Pen silo placed at the bottom of the phone. However, this likely also means that the S Pen will change in design, again, likely falling in line with the S22 Ultra if it’s not the same stylus altogether.

The other major change coming to the Z Fold 4 is the screen sizes. According to this same report, the Z Fold 3 will sport an ever-so-slightly larger 7.56-inch foldable display, coming in just 0.01-inches bigger than its predecessor. As for the Cover Screen, it’s much of the same as it is said to feature a 6.19-inch panel, coming in 0.01-inches smaller than the Z Fold 3.

Fold 3 sold fewer models than its sister phone Galaxy Z Flip 3 last year, but the integration of the S Pen is expected to narrow the gap. Samsung is expecting the integration of the S Pen on the Fold 4 to be a big “selling point,” the sources said.

While there are many of us Z Fold 3 owners that are holding out hope for a phone that looks like the Oppo Find N, it seems that 2022 won’t be the year that Samsung makes the change. Instead, Samsung is said to be focusing on building in the silo for the S Pen while also continuing to improve the durability of its flagship foldable phone.

The Elec also had one more tidbit to share, as the Z Flip 4 is due to bring a slight upgrade. While the main display will remain the same compared to the Flip 3, the Cover Screen is said to become even larger. Currently, the Z Flip 3 makes use of a 1.83-inch Cover Screen, but this report claims that this will get a little bit larger with the Z Flip 4. Considering just how popular the Z Flip 3 was in 2021, it makes sense for Samsung to “play it safe” here without really changing all that much. But hopefully, a larger cover display will make for a more useful experience when the phone is in clamshell mode.


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