Nothing’s Ear (1) earbuds gains support for Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri


Things have largely been quiet on the Nothing front recently, save for the random sale or two and the company’s decision to release a Black version of their unique headphones. But if you have the Nothing app installed on your phone, you might have noticed a random update arrive. No, this isn’t one of the boring bug fix updates, but instead brings some functionality that has been missing.

After the update is installed to your earbuds, your Ear (1) earbuds will have support for digital assistants including Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and even Siri. Once the update is applied, you’ll be able to activate your digital assistant of choice by simply triple-tapping on the outside of the earbuds. Previously, this gesture was not available, but was added in the same update that brought the ability to use Google Assistant with your earbuds.

As expected, you’re limited to only using Siri if the Nothing Ear (1)’s are paired to an iPhone. However, those who have both the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa apps installed on their Android phones will be able to pick between the two. After the firmware update is installed, you’ll also be able to pick and choose between what the triple-tap gesture will do, for those who aren’t all that interested in invoking Assistant, Alexa, or Siri.

The team over at 9to5Google also noted that if you run into problems with the triple-tap gesture being invoked properly, you can rectify the situation by deleting, and then re-installing the app. From there, you should be able to enjoy the new features provided by Nothing without any other major hiccups.

In order to make sure that your earbuds on the correct firmware, you can head into the app and check the firmware version build. As long as you are on version 0.6700.1.86 or higher, then you will be able to enjoy using your favorite digital assistant along with your Nothing earbuds.


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