Unexpected Galaxy S22 pre-order demand causes to buckle


When the first major phone launch of the year was scheduled, we expected there to be some hiccups. But it seems that there is an overwhelming desire for Galaxy fans to get their hands on the latest and greatest that Samsung has to offer.

Pre-orders are (supposedly) live now for the entire Galaxy S22 lineup, but unfortunately, it’s not as smooth of a process as we’ve seen in years past. We here at Phandroid have run into multiple problems when it comes to trying to pre-order any of the offerings, and while Nick was able to get his pre-order in for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, shipping has already slipped. According to the order confirmation, his Galaxy S22 Ultra won’t arrive until March 8th, while I have been staring at a blank checkout page off and on for the past hour.

The problems are not specific to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, as it appears that Samsung’s website also cannot currently handle the influx of those who want to grab the standard Galaxy S22 or S22+. Instead, you might be able to go through the Samsung Credit accessory selection, only to be greeted with a blank page on Samsung’s website when you are supposed to be taken to the checkout screen.

Even when you try to go back and just click the “Cart” icon in the top right corner, Samsung’s website doesn’t register or recognize that you’ve already tried adding things to cart. This doesn’t feel as catastrophic as Google’s Pixel 6 pre-order fiasco, but it’s definitely not a great look at the moment.

While you could go through your carrier or Best Buy to pre-order one of these phones, the deals offered from Samsung directly just don’t match up. Not only can you get up to $250 in instant Samsung Credit, but the company is also taking up to $700 off these phones through its Enhanced Trade-in Program. Plus, if you try using our link, you’ll instantly save an extra $50 and will enjoy a storage upgrade for no extra cost.

Hopefully, this is just Samsung’s website being unable to handle the load of so many people attempting to upgrade at the same time. But it is definitely starting to look like the company may be quickly running out of its initial inventory.


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