AEEZO WiFi Digital Picture Frame makes framing your digital photos simple and effortless


Picture frames are great if you want to display photos of your family, friends, travel, kids, and so on, but they can take up a lot of space since photo frames can essentially only hold one photo. This is why digital photo frames are so useful because they can hold a ton of photos and cycle through them, so one photo frame could hold hundreds, if not thousands of images.

Now, the concept of digital picture frames isn’t new and we’ve seen many different models over the years, but the problem with some of these digital frames is that because they’re a bit old, uploading photos to them can be quite a hassle.

Imagine if you were trying to give a digital photo frame to an elderly person like your grandparents who might also be tech-illiterate. You could help them upload some photos, but what happens after that? What if you don’t go around as often, this means that they’ll be stuck with those same photos day after day, month after month.

This is where AEEZO’s WiFi Digital Picture Frame (save 20% when using discount code aeezo 20) comes in, where thanks to its wireless connectivity, the ability to sync photos between your phone and the frame, and the relative ease of use, users can ensure that the photo frame is constantly updated with brand new photos all the time.

Simple design

The design of AEEZO’s digital picture frame is clean and simple. There are essentially only two colors to choose from – black or white. The company has opted to style it like a traditional picture frame with straight sides that are angled slightly inwards to give it a bit more depth.

It features a 9-inch IPS HD display with a 1280×800 resolution, so it should be able to display all your photos nice and sharp. It features a single stand on the back that will allow users to prop it up either horizontally or vertically, depending on your preference or the type of photo you want to show, and your photos can adapt to the orientation automatically.

While it might look simplistic on the surface, we actually really dig the look because with a good and clean design, it makes it easy to be placed around the home without sticking out like a sore thumb. Plus, the lack of any visible buttons on the front also helps create the illusion that it’s a picture frame and not some gadget.

Speaking of buttons, all the ports and buttons are hidden on the back so it’s still pretty easy to access it when necessary.

Extremely easy to use

Now, in the past, some digital picture frames required users to connect it to their computers using a cable to transfer images. So imagine if you had to first transfer photos from your phone to your computer, then your computer to your picture frame, if that sounds troublesome for you already, imagine your grandparents having to go through that process.

AEEZO has pretty much eliminated all the need for these types of troublesome transfers with its accompanying app. All you need to do is choose your photos from the app, tap a button, and it will be wirelessly synced up with the digital picture frame and you’re all set!

Given that some messenger apps can automatically save photos when they are received, you could easily send photos to family members where it will be automatically downloaded to their phones, and then from there all they need to do is launch the app, sync it with the picture frame, and they’re good to go.

Alternatively, you could even set it up for them so that you can send photos to the frame whenever you want and keep them updated.

With it being able to store more than 30,000 photos thanks to its built-in 16GB of memory, you could upload almost your entire library without any issue. With there being support for SD cards, you can expand it by an additional 64GB in case 16GB isn’t enough.

Also, the fact that you can save time and money and the environment by not printing your photos is a nice bonus.

Privacy matters

Some photo services store your photos in the cloud. In a way, this is necessary as it helps ensure that your photos are synced across multiple devices like your phone, computer, tablet, and so on, but there is also the question of privacy. What if that photo service got hacked? What if someone stole your login credentials?

AEEZO’s WiFi digital picture frame uses P2P technology which means that photos are basically transferred from your smartphone to the picture frame directly without having to go through an intermediary service like the cloud, email, or social media, so everything you share between your phone and the picture frame stays between those two devices.

A great present that’s affordable

If you’re a bit concerned that a digital picture frame is going to be expensive, AEEZO’s WiFi digital picture frame is actually relatively affordable at $103.99 on Amazon or you can save 20% with you purchase it directly from AEEZO’s website using discount code aeezo 20 at checkout.

Even if you don’t need it personally, it will make a great present for your immediate or extended family members. Imagine your parents or grandparents or aunts and uncles being able to proudly display your photos even if you’re away in another country.

That photo of you graduating from university, the birth of your first child, buying your first home, all those milestones can now be proudly displayed in a picture frame sitting on top of the mantle for family to see.

The company also says that all of its frames are extensively tested up to 200 hours to ensure it works, but AEEZO is also offering customers lifetime support, one year warranty, and promises to respond to inquiries within 24 hours.

So if you’re keen on getting yourself or your family members AEEZO’s WiFi digital picture frame, then head on over either to AEEZO’s website or its Amazon page for more details on it and how to purchase.

AEEZO WiFi Digital Picture Frame
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