Jan 25th, 2022

Foldable smartphones have gotten a bit of a reputation for being expensive, and honestly we can’t say we’re too surprised at the prices. This is because the tech is still relatively new, and companies are essentially using multiple displays which can add to its overall costs, so the final price, while pricey, is kind of to be expected.

That being said, it seems that Google could be hoping to lure customers in with a lower price tag for its upcoming rumored foldable Pixel, which last we heard could be known as the Pixel Notepad. This is according to a report from 9to5Google who heard from two independent sources that the Pixel Notepad could end up being priced at around the $1,400 mark.

Now, this is by no means cheap, but when you think about other phones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, it is actually cheaper by around $400 (not taking into account any discounts or rebates). It does, however, make it considerably more expensive than the Pixel 6 by as much as $500, making this the most expensive Pixel smartphone Google would have released to date.

We know price can play a huge factor in influencing sales. Take a look at Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 which is priced just under $1,000. Its price and form factor helped the phone become a best-seller worldwide. There is currently no word on when Google’s foldable Pixel is expected to debut, but Google I/O 2022 is expected to take place late May or early June, so maybe, just maybe, we’ll find out more then.

Source: 9to5Google

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