Google brings back Chromecast volume controls for Android 12, but Pixel 6 owners have to wait


Everyone was all excited to get their hands on the Android 12 update after Google released it at the end of last year. However, the release has not been Google’s smoothest, as the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro still have yet to be updated to the December Security Patch. Right on cue, the company pushed the January 2022 security update, for all compatible Pixel phones, and with it, one feature has returned that was originally removed.

Thanks to Mishaal Rahman, Google has added back the volume slider controls that appear when trying to adjust the volume for your Chromecast. For one reason or another, the functionality was removed with the final build and release of Android 12. The controls were still available, but they were greyed out, rendering them useless. According to someone who works at Google, this was done because of an ongoing legal dispute. However, it would appear that the dispute has been settled now that the Chromecast volume slider has returned and is functional.

Unfortunately, there’s still a catch with the latest security patch. If you own a Pixel 3a or newer, up to the Pixel 5a, you’ll be able to download and install the update as soon as it arrives. However, Pixel 6 owners are still out of luck following the fiasco surrounding the December security patch. Google has already confirmed the December patch will arrive before the end of January, but we’re unsure whether this new release will just update Google’s latest smartphones to the January patch, or if the phones will lag behind.

This is a rather important update to have, as it also includes a bug fix for those who use Microsoft Teams. It was discovered that if you had Teams installed, but were not signed in, a bug would prevent you from being able to dial 911. Google recognized the problem and has issued a fix, even releasing a surprise update for the Pixel 3 to rectify the situation.

The update should have already made its way to your devices, so you’ll just need to double-check the Software Update section of the Settings app to see if it’s available.


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