5 Best mobile games that will encourage you to get fit


I don’t know about you, but cardio like walking, jogging, and running are incredibly boring, but if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle or at least prevent yourself from getting too unfit, then those are things you need to do a few times a week.

If you’re like me, you know how boring it can get, but luckily some game developers have come up with pretty cool games and apps that will help make the experience more fun. If you’re trying to find new ways to motivate yourself to get into shape, then do check out some of these games below.

Zombies, Run!

We all have different motivations when it comes to working out. Some might be motivated by looks where they want to fit into that dress or suit perfectly, but if that doesn’t work for you, how about fear? Zombies, Run! is a fun and unique game where it tries to encourage you to walk/run by trying to play to your fears that a horde of zombies are chasing you.

You will have to complete various stories and missions, most of which involve you running away from zombies and surviving, so if you think that could motivate you to go out for daily walks, then it could be worth checking out.

Burn your fat with me!!

Working out alone can be incredibly boring and not very motivating. If you’ve ever joined a gym with a friend or your partner, you know that having someone to push you to do that last rep can make a huge difference, which is something that Burn your fat with me!! is trying to accomplish.

It’s a workout app slash dating simulator where it uses a virtual character who will offer up words of encouragement as you go through the various exercises offered in the app. There is a story mode that offers up to 800 voiced lines of dialogue, and various episodes that increase in difficulty.

  • Download Burn your fat with me!! for Android and iOS


During the pandemic where gyms were forced to close, many people started turning to alternatives like the Nintendo Switch’s Ring Fit Adventure. If you don’t own a Switch and don’t plan to buy one, you’re in luck because Fitforce could be a worthy alternative.

It is similar in concept to the Ring Fit Adventure where gamers need to complete certain tasks in a game but will need to perform certain physical moves, like jogging on the spot, to do so. It will require a smartphone and a PC for it to work, but assuming you have those at home, it looks like it could be a rather fun game.

Fitness RPG

If you love RPG games with turn-based combat systems, then Fitness RPG could be the fitness game you were looking for. The gameplay itself is rather simple and straightforward (nothing wrong with that), and it uses an energy system to limit how much you get to play.

To overcome this energy limit, you would need to spend real energy, such as walking, where it uses your phone or smartwatch’s pedometer to count your steps, which will then help replenish your in-game energy so you can keep on playing.

Pokemon GO

While not necessarily designed as a fitness game in mind, there have been many stories of how people who play the game have ended up losing weight. This is because in order to complete certain features in the game, players will have to walk. Players will also need to walk to various locations in the real world to catch Pokemon or to battle for control of gyms.

As a result, some people have found themselves walking more than they normally would, and in the process have serendipitously developed a healthy lifestyle. There are many success stories of people losing weight as a result of playing the game, so maybe this could encourage you to do the same.

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