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Roborock’s S7 MaxV Ultra takes the hassle out of cleaning your home


Back in the day, robot vacuum cleaners were pretty rare, not to mention pretty expensive too. These days, they’re becoming extremely commonplace which means that manufacturers need to step up their game if they’re hoping to distinguish themselves from the competition.

Roborock is no stranger when it comes to robot vacuum cleaners and they reckon that they might have the answer to that with their latest robot vacuum cleaner, the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra.

One of the key features of this particular robot vacuum cleaner would be its dock. While docks aren’t uncommon when it comes to these types of devices, Roborock claims that this is the “ultra dock” because it pretty much does everything for the user. This includes emptying out the dust bag, while also being able to automatically scrub the mop, wash it, and refills it.

This means that users won’t need to have to do those tasks manually and just need to sit back and let the robot do its thing.

The S7 MaxV Ultra also features Roborock’s new ReactiveAI 2.0 obstacle avoidance system where it can detect objects and cleans around them. It can even identify the different rooms in your home based on floor materials, and can also recommend cleaning patterns with suction power of up to 5,100Pa.

It is also capable of operating up to 180 minutes per charge, so unless your home is bigger than the average house, it should be more than capable of cleaning your entire home before it runs out of juice.

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is priced at $1,399.99 and is expected to be available for purchase in Q2 2022.

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