Looking for a new robot vacuum? Let Roborock do the cleaning for you


If you’ve never used or owned a robot vacuum, you’re sorely missing out. These things have become so smart and powerful that it can map an entire floor, avoiding any obstacles, and then proceed with cleaning everything up. Roborock is on the top of the mountain in this regard, and the company is celebrating Prime Day 2021 with some incredible deals.

Save up to $240 on the best Roborock vacuum’s

The best deal that you’ll find on a Roborock smart vacuum is courtesy of the Roborock S6 Pure. With its built-in LiDAR scanner, it can map out your home with ease, providing a map of what it will and won’t clean. Then, you can jump into the accompanying app to create “No Go Zones” to avoid any areas that it shouldn’t try and clean (like the lead up to the stairs). For Prime Day, Roborock is knocking $240 off the retail price, bringing this down to just $379.99.


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