Google’s cheapo Pixel 5a just beat Apple’s incredibly expensive iPhone 13 Pro in a blind camera test


Every year with the launch of a new iPhone, Apple makes a big deal about the camera on its iPhones. In all fairness, Apple’s iPhones do take some pretty great photos. Is it the best? We suppose that’s kind of subjective, but given the price that one needs to pay for an iPhone, you would expect it to be top-tier, right?

Unfortunately for Apple, it seems that the company has a little egg on their face because during MKBHD’s annual blind camera test, Google’s Pixel 5a just beat out the iPhone 13 Pro in terms of camera performance. Suffice to say this is kind of surprising given that the Pixel 5a is priced at $399 and it just beat out a phone priced at the $1,000 mark.

For those unfamiliar with this annual tradition, MKBHD basically uploads photos that are identical that are taken by different phones. He does not mention which photos are taken with which phones, so it’s up to his followers to vote on which photo they think looks the best, which in this case was the Pixel 5a.

Keep in mind that this is not exactly the most scientific way to judge a photo or a camera’s capabilities. Not to mention, photos uploaded to social media are typically compressed and when viewed on a smartphone screen, won’t let you truly appreciate the details and features of a phone’s camera.

Plus, sometimes it boils down to personal preference where someone might appreciate photos that come out looking more saturated or have higher contrasts, while some might appreciate a photo with a flatter tone since it gives them more room to work with. In any case, it’s a pretty fun series and if you have some time to spare, it might be worth watching.

Source: 9to5Mac

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