Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra could come with a macro mode


These days, our smartphone cameras are very capable of taking beautiful photos. In fact, they’ve become so good and so useful that the need for a dedicated compact camera is all but gone, but there are some aspects where having a dedicated camera could still be necessary, like taking macro photos.

That could change with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. According to a report from Korean publication ITMaterial, they claim that one of the camera features of the upcoming handset is macro mode. This is something that Apple introduced in the iPhone 13 to great effect, so it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that Samsung could want something similar as well.

For those unfamiliar, macro photography is the process of taking photos extremely up close. This is different from zooming into an object because one of the features of macro lenses is its ability to focus even when placed very close to the subject. This is versus regular camera lenses where the focus distance is further and might not necessarily be quite as suitable.

This lets photographers capture far more detail of smaller objects, like flowers, animals, insects, and so on. It’s an entire genre of its own, so having a macro mode on your phone could be useful in a pinch. The Galaxy S22 series is expected to be announced in the next month or two, so we should have more details then.

Source: ITMaterial

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