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Verizon partners with Bang & Olufsen to launch two new Android TV soundbars


Over the past few months, we’ve seen Verizon make its way further into various smart home devices, as evidenced by the company’s self-branded smart display. Now, it seems that Verizon wants to get in on the TV segment of the market with its announcement of the Stream TV Soundbar and Soundbar Pro.

These two soundbars offers an all-in-one experience, as these not only will greatly improve the audio quality of your TV, but also provide access to Android TV. Instead of relying on multiple devices to achieve the same thing, now, you can get a single product to handle everything that you might need.

With the Stream TV Soundbar and Soundbar Pro, Verizon partnered with Bang & Olufsen on the design and speaker quality. Starting with the standard TV Soundbar, we have a total of five speakers that have been tuned by B&O. Meanwhile, the Soundbar Pro ups the ante with a total of nine speakers, aiming to fully immerse you in whatever it is that you find yourself watching.

Other features of these new soundbars include Chromecast capabilities, along with being powered by the Android TV experience, and even Google Stadia support. The standard TV Soundbar features two HDMI ports, while the Soundbar Pro includes a total of three HDMI ports. In addition to using Android TV, these soundbars also feature Verizon’s Stream TV services, including a dedicated Stream TV store for renting or purchasing movies and shows. Verizon also confirmed that the included remote is powered by Google Assistant, making it easy to control everything with just the sound of your voice.

“Bang & Olufsen has a long history of delivering truly immersive home entertainment experiences. The importance of these experiences has only increased in recent months, as we find ourselves spending more time at home,” Rick Costanzo, Bang & Olufsen’s vice president, Americas, said regarding the partnership. “We share Verizon’s strong focus on high-quality home experiences, and we are excited to be working with such a distinguished brand to bring our iconic audio and TV solutions to their customers in the U.S.”

Both the Stream TV Soundbar and Soundbar Pro are available for purchase starting today directly through Verizon’s website. The former is priced at $399.99, while the latter comes in at a whopping $999.


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