It might be awhile before you can get your hands on the Pixel 6 Pro


If you were hoping to walk into a store today and pick up a Pixel 6 or 6 Pro, you might have been met with a bit of disappointment. It seems that Google has run through its initial stock of inventory, forcing delays that won’t see the device arrive until sometime in January of 2022.

Google has confirmed that this will remain a problem for some time, as the Pixel 6 Pro specifically is in “high demand”. Heading over to the online Google storefront, you are met with a message that says the following:

Due to high demand, some Pixel 6 Pro models may be out of stock or have long delivery times.

Get notified when they’re back in stock, or check out other authorized retailers who may have them available.

This was honestly to be expected after the massive frustration that was the pre-order process for both devices. However, it seems that the larger Pixel 6 Pro is the more popular option of the duo.

It would be fine and dandy to try and head to your local carrier, Best Buy, or Target, but those retailers are also suffering from stocking issues and delays. For example, the closest location to me that has either in stock is almost 50 miles away, and it’s only for the regular Pixel 6. And the only Pixel 6 Pro available is even further away.

Trying to order through Amazon is also a fruitless venture as both models in all configurations are either backordered or out of stock completely. This has already led to scalpers trying to take advantage, listing the devices at ridiculous mark up prices just because these devices can’t be picked up anywhere else just yet.

Your best bet might be to just add your name to Google’s waitlist and hit the order button as soon as either option comes back into stock.


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