Soundcore Frames combines both sunglasses and headphones into one stylish package


The problem with wearing headphones in public is that it blocks out the noise around you. Maybe that was kind of the point to begin with, but it also means that it can be dangerous. For example, you might not be able to hear oncoming traffic, or you can’t hear people who might be calling out to you. Basically, you’ll be less aware of your surroundings.

If you’re trying to enjoy your tunes while also being somewhat aware, then maybe the Soundcore Frames could be the gadget for. These are essentially a pair of sunglasses that doubles up as headphones, thus keeping your ears free but protecting your eyes at the same time.

A stylish pair of sunglasses

On the surface, the Soundcore Frame looks like a regular pair of sunglasses. In fact, Soundcore claims that they will be offering as many as 10 different styles to choose from, so depending on your fashion sense and aesthetics, there should be something that’s suitable for you.

This includes an assortment of sizes and shapes, ranging from tinted lenses, to blue light filtering, and even support for prescription. But what if you needed different frames for different looks or purposes?

The Soundcore Frame features what the company calls a Pull and Plug solution, which basically lets users swap between frames quickly and easily.

Enjoy your tunes privately

Unlike traditional headphones or earphones, the Soundcore Frames don’t actually plug into your ear. Instead, it features a main speaker that sits in front of the wearer’s ear and one on the back to help amplify the sound while also providing the stereo effect.

This means that you’ll get to enjoy your music and audio in relative privacy compared to blasting it out on a set of Bluetooth speakers, but at the same time, you also remain aware of your surroundings, which is a good thing.

It also supports wear detection so when it detects that you’ve taken the glasses off, it can pause the music to save battery.

There are also built-in microphones so that you can conduct voice or video calls, and if you’re concerned about privacy, the Soundcore Frames has a private listening mode that helps reduce audio leakage so people nearby won’t be able to hear the other end of the conversation.

Touch controls, decent battery life

Given that the Soundcore Frames don’t appear to feature any external physical buttons, you’ll be able to control it using touch gestures that you can customize. This will let you do things like adjust volume levels, music playback, answering a call, and more. If you prefer hands-free, it even supports digital assistants so you can use your voice for control.

As these are essentially wireless, it means that it needs a battery to power it. According to Soundcore, the Frames has a battery life of about 5.5 hours per charge, but it also supports quick charging so a 10 minute charge is enough to give you an extra 1.5 hours.

Pricing & availability

If all of this sounds like the futuristic gadget of your dreams, then you might be interested to learn that the Soundcore Frames will be available for purchase in November for a price of $200. Additional frames will also be sold through the company’s website at $50 each.

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