Samsung and Best Buy want to make it easier and faster to get your phone fixed


The process for getting your Android phone repaired has largely been a pain point for years. In order to get your phone fixed, it usually means that you need to ship it back to the manufacturer, leaving you without a working phone for at least a few days if not a few weeks.

Samsung is one of the companies that we’re surprised hasn’t made much of a move to rectify this situation. However, that’s all changed as Samsung has announced it is partnering with Best Buy to introduce Authorized Service Centers to select locations.

This is a move that is long overdue, and we’ve already seen Apple do something similar, making it easy to just head up to your local Best Buy and get a phone or other device repaired. Samsung and Best Buy’s partnership is going to make Galaxy owners much happier, as the announcement states the following:

Samsung phone owners can receive same-day repairs on most Samsung phones at over 100 Best Buy locations nationwide.

And you won’t have to worry about “cheaper” parts being used to repair your devices. Instead, the repairs will be completed using “Samsung parts”, with all of the “Samsung agents” being certified to properly diagnose and fix your phone.

In terms of limitations, there might be concerns that Samsung is hampering these plans in some form. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. Here are the devices that can be repaired at the more than 100 Best Buy locations:

  • All Samsung Galaxy S models from S8 through S21
  • All Samsung Galaxy Note models from Note8 through Note20
  • All Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold models, beginning early November

And in terms of the repairs that are possible, these include the following:

  • Front and back screen replacements
  • Battery replacements
  • Port and camera repairs

All you’ll need to do is head over to the Samsung website and find the closest Best Buy location to find the store that is participating in this program. You can also fire up the Best Buy app on your phone (or on the web) and schedule an appointment there. But just as a reminder, the actually locations will vary, and this new program is limited to just over 100 stores.


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