T-Mobile will pay up to $1,000 to get you to switch to their network


Last month, T-Mobile announced that they would be upping the value of their Keep & Switch plan. Previously, the carrier offered to pay up to $650 to customers to switch over from a different carrier. This money would essentially help offset the cost and penalties for breaking the contract you signed with your previous carrier.

T-Mobile later upped that offer to $800, but now it seems that the carrier will be bumping up the value again to $1,000. According to T-Mobile, this will be available for both individual customers and small business owners, where they can sign up for any of the carrier’s plans to be eligible for this deal.

How much you will actually get will depend on how much is remaining on your previous contract, but it is valued up to $1,000 which should pretty much almost cover a brand new contract. According to T-Mobile Consumer Group President, Jon Freier:

“AT&T and Verizon customers with brand-new 5G phones often find themselves without 5G coverage. According to the latest third party tests, AT&T customers get a 5G signal less than half the time (44.8%) they use their phone, and Verizon customers only about a third of the time (34.3%). Now, those customers can switch to T-Mobile, and we’ll pay off what they owe the Carriers for their smartphone up to $1,000 — and they’ll save up to 20% on their family plan and get way more 5G coverage.”

This offer will be kicking off on the 22nd of October, so if you’d like to make the switch, head on over to T-Mobile’s website for the details on how to sign up.

Source: T-Mobile

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