Pixel owners are seeing an increase in app crashes after updating to Android 12


It was just the other day that Google started to roll out the Android 12 update for its Pixel phones. If you haven’t updated your phone yet, you might want to hold off on doing so just yet. This is because there have been a smattering of user reports in which users are complaining of a variety of issues following the update.

One of those complaints we’ve seen comes in the form of apps crashing more frequently than before, as well as battery draining faster than users would like.

“Hey, after my update to android 12, some apps are crashing continuously and the battery is draining very fast..”

Another issue seems to be related to the Android facial unlocking feature, where users are getting the error message asking them to clean the top of their screen where the front-facing camera is sitting.

“Updated to Android 12 yesterday. Since then face unlock stopped working on my 4XL. Getting the dreaded “Clean the top of the screen, particularly  the black bar”. No amount of cleaning has helped. Tried soft reboots, and it hasn’t helped. Screen goes completely back during calls. Do not want to delete the face unlock profile and redo it. Previous problems with software updates (according to some users in the forum, they could not reset the face unlock until a new software update in 2020) so I don’t want to chance it.”

Of course, not all users are experiencing these issues and it doesn’t seem to be limited to any particular Pixel device, so it’s hard to say how widespread this issue is.

To be fair, more often than not we see our fair share of issues rise up when these first versions are released, so if you’re in no rush to update to Android 12, maybe wait a bit for these problems to be resolved before updating.

Source: Piunikaweb

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