Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra could feature a water drop-style camera setup


While smartphones tend to look similar on the front, it’s really the back portion of the phone that differentiates phones from another. Take for example the camera system used by Samsung’s phones.

The company’s design seems to lean towards a camera setup where the lenses sit on an “island”, but that could change with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra that is largely expected to arrive in the early part of 2022. This is according to LetsGoDigital who got the information from a Korean leakster calling themselves Super Roader.

The report claims that Super Roader is apparently a former employee at Samsung’s wireless division, so we suppose it stands to reason that they might have an idea of Samsung’s plans for their future phones.

If this camera design looks familiar to you, it is because Samsung wasn’t really the first company to utilize such a design. LG had used it in some of their previous phones, but since LG is out of the picture now, it looks like Samsung could be picking up where they left off. It has also been suggested that the reason Samsung is opting for such a design is to reduce the overall weight of the phone, but how much lighter it will be remains to be seen.

The leakster also goes on to share that Samsung will be offering the Galaxy S22 Ultra in more colors, such as a burgundy finish as you can see in the concept video above put together by Technizo Concept based on the details provided.

Source: LetsGoDigital

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