Are custom smart shades worth the hassle?


The modern-day world is governed by science and technology. What seemed like a farfetched imagination in the past is within the bounds of reality. Technology has the potential to touch every walk of life and has changed it in unprecedented ways. The field of home architecture and window treatments is no exception. With the increasing popularity of the Internet of Things (IoT), the era of smart window treatments has started. These intelligent devices provide a sophisticated look to the house and make the owner’s life comfortable and easy. They are becoming very popular among homeowners who quickly shift from traditional window treatments to smart ones.  


Smart window shades are motorized window coverings and can be operated either through a remote or through a smartphone app. In some of the high-end models, the additional feature of controlling the window covering through voice command may also be there. The distinct feature of the smart window shade is that it can communicate with other devices and can work in unison to provide a good living experience to the owner. Depending upon this data, the smart shades can operate automatically following a set program.  


Smart shades come in a wide variety of shades and styles. However, the best thing about them is that they can be customized to suit the individual owner’s requirements. From varying window sizes to covering multiple windows in one room, customized window shades are the one-stop solution.  


The biggest question owners have to deal with is whether it is worth the effort to have custom smart shades. The primary reason is that there are a lot of misconceptions regarding the custom smart shades, and typically the homeowners approach this issue with preconceived notions. Following are some of the  questions, the answers to which will surely help clarify the issue in the minds of the homeowners: 

  1. Do Customized Smart Shades Increase Energy Efficiency?

Customized smart shades are made according to the specific measurements of the windows. They provide a perfect fit for the windows and help reduce heat transfer. Customized smart shades indeed increase the energy efficiency of the house. They provide excellent insulation and help maintain the desired temperature inside the rooms. Customized smart shades provide sunlight protection but come with the feature of following programmable scheduling. So the owner can program the customized smart shade to close at the hottest time of the day, especially during summers. This not only provides insulation but also helps to maintain a cool atmosphere in the rooms. Therefore, your air conditioner usage will reduce, and the house will become more energy efficient. 

Conversely in winters, the owner can schedule the customized smart shades to open during the day to let the sunlight in and close at night to provide extra insulation to keep the house cozy and comfortable.  The owner can do all this with customized smart shades. They are an asset in any modern home.  

  1. Do Customized Smart Shades Make the Life of the Owner Convenient? 

Customized window shades make the life of the owner convenient. With installing these shades,  the owner does not have to bother about the window treatments covering the entire window. In addition to smart shades, the physical labor expected at the owner’s end gets drastically reduced as the owner can either program the custom shades or control them remotely. They can operate the window shades also with a smartphone or a voice command and never think about physically going to every window to operate the blind. The programmable window shades follow set schedules, and the owner does not even have to think about when to give the command to run the blind. The custom smart shades indeed make the life of the owner convenient.  

  1. Do Custom Window Smart Shades Provide Additional Safety to the Owner? 

Custom window shades greatly help to enhance the safety of the owner. These customized shades cover the windows perfectly and do not allow outsiders to peep inside. In addition, they can be scheduled to operate at set times. This gives the impression that the house is occupied and brings an additional sense of security.  

  1. Do Custom Window Smart Shades Protect the Furniture? 

Custom window smart shades protect the furniture along with providing sunlight protection and privacy. It is because they do not even allow sunlight to enter the room from the gaps. Therefore, the furniture and other belongings in the room are safe from exposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays. Thus, the furniture does not fade away and lasts for a long time.

  1. Do Custom Window Smart Shades Provide more Safety for Children? 

Custom window smart shades provide enhanced safety for children. They can be operated by voice commands and do not involve any cords or other such mechanisms in which the children can get entangled and harm themselves. Cords, especially the looped ones, are a significant suffocation hazard and the custom window smart shade is a perfect solution for the homes where there are children.  

  1. Do Custom Window Smart Shades Improve the Sleep Quality of the Owner? 

Custom Smart window shades can help to improve the sleep quality of the owner. They can be programmed to shut at set times to provide a comfortable environment for the owner to relax. They especially come in handy if the owner does night shifts and compensates for the daytime sleep. Custom window smart shades can create that perfect night-like environment during the day and ensure the owner’s improved sleep quality. 

Thus it is apparent that custom window bright shades have a lot of advantages. They make the life of the owner comfortable and easy. They also help create a modern and sophisticated look in the house.  Custom window smart shades are certainly worth the hassle as they add a lot of value and convenience to the house.

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