The Galaxy S21 FE is unlikely to be the star of next week’s Galaxy Unpacked


Ever since Samsung decided to spring a new event on everyone, dubbed Galaxy Unpacked Part 2, there’s been a lot of speculation as to what the event could be about. The most obvious answer is for Samsung to finally unveil the Galazy S21 FE. However, it seems that won’t be the case.

The first tip cake from Ross Young at the DSCC, who states that production of the Galaxy S21 FE won’t begin until December. That was followed up by Jon Prosser, who claims the phone has been delayed until January.

With both saying that the S21 FE has been delayed and not canceled, this refutes claims made previously that Samsung decided to skip the Fan Edition altogether. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is reportedly performing way beyond what Samsung expected, and the S21 FE has already been delayed several times for various reasons. So it would not be completely shocking if Samsung just gave up the goose and opted skip the FE this year.

If the S21 FE is actually slated to arrive in January, this leaves us with even more questions. For one, what is Samsung actually going to be showing off at the event coming up next week? And what is happening with the Galaxy S22 launch? Could Samsung really announce an “S21” device around the same time that the S22 debuts?

Perhaps if the standard Galaxy S22 is simply an iterative update with under-the-hood changes while retaining the same design, a simple rebranding would occur. But until Samsung actually reveals more information, we just won’t know what the company is working on.


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