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Personalized profiles, Ambient Mode, and more are coming soon to Google TV


One of the biggest frustrations with using Google TV in a multi-user household is that until now, all of the content, watchlist, and Google Assistant interactions were based on the primary account. You could sign into more than one Google account per television, but all of the data and information remained attached to the “main” account.

That’s all changing soon, as Google has detailed changes coming to Google TV over the next month. The biggest change is the addition of personalized profiles for everyone in the home. When a new profile is created, the watchlist, recommendations, and Google Assistant responses will be based on that profile’s interests and activity instead of the primary account.

Keeping with personalization, Google TV’s Ambient Mode is getting a bit of a facelift thanks to “glanceable cards”. When your TV is “idle”, it will now display different pieces of personalized informations such as the game score, weather, news and more. You can even use the on-screen shortcuts to skip between photos, or start playing your music. And then after an unspecified amount of time, Google TV will begin showing off your photos and artwork just like we are already accustomed to.

Also coming soon is Google TV support for live-streaming service, Philo, within the “Live TV” tab. Previously, this was limited to just YouTube TV and Sling TV, but Philo is the least-expensive option of the bunch so adding this brings another option in the mix. With pricing starting at just $25, Philo offers at least 60 channels, while allowing you to record your favorite shows and save them for up to 12 months.

The final change coming to Google TV is actually for the re-designed Remote app that Google has revamped. The company confirmed that the you will be able to quickly access the Google TV Remote right from the Google Home app. And it will be available on both Android and iPhone so you can control your Google TV with ease.


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