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How to add wireless charging to the OnePlus Nord 2


Earlier this year, OnePlus announced their latest budget smartphone in the form of the OnePlus Nord 2 (not to be confused with Nord N200 which is for US markets). This is the second phone in the Nord series that was originally launched last year which saw OnePlus return to its budget roots.

The Nord 2 is by all accounts a decent phone for what you’re paying, but of course it lacks certain features that higher-end phones have. One of those features is wireless charging, which is a bit of a pity since wireless charging is pretty convenient, but the good news is that by spending a few extra bucks on some third-party accessories, giving the Nord 2 wireless charging capabilities is actually pretty easy.

Giving the OnePlus Nord 2 wireless charging

What you will need:

  • A wireless charging adapter
  • A wireless charger

Wireless charging adapter

Wireless charging usually relies on coils to help transfer power from the charging pad to the phone. Since the OnePlus Nord 2 lacks those coils, you’ll need a wireless charging adapter. These are essentially the same coils you might find on other phones with wireless charging capabilities, but they’re now positioned externally and connected to the phone via its USB-C port.

This means that you can easily add or remove it whenever you want, so if you don’t need wireless charging, you can take it out and use the USC-C for something else. That is its advantage but also its disadvantage, since it will take up the USB-C port so if you want to plug in USB-C headphones or other accessories, you can’t until you remove it.

That being said, here are some USB-C wireless charging adapters we found that should work with the phone:

Wireless charger

Now that you’ve gotten a wireless charging adapter, you’ll need a wireless charger. If you already have one at home that’s Qi compatible, then you should be able to use it just fine, if not here are some of our recommendations.

Keep in mind that these are generic wireless chargers and charging adapters. This means that unlike higher-end OnePlus phones like the OnePlus 9 Pro that supports wireless charging speeds of up to 50W, these will be much slower, so that’s something you might want to take into consideration.

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