Pixel 6 Pro camera samples hit YouTube while we still wait for Google to announce it


Over the past two weeks, M. Brandon Lee of This is Tech Today has been sharing some exclusive looks and information regarding the upcoming Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. It all started with a video showing off a pre-production unit in hand before the pricing of the devices was revealed. Now, Lee is back with some more hands-on videos, along with some camera and video samples that were supposedly taken directly from the Pixel 6 Pro.

The first bit of information shared regarding the Pixel 6 Pro is in response to the community who asked to see the curvature of the display. The Pixel 6 Pro is expected to be using Samsung’s E5 panel, which is the same one found in the recently released Vivo X70 Pro+. The hands-on video shows a slight curve, but not one that is as drastic as something like the Galaxy S21 Ultra or OnePlus 9 Pro.

Moving on, we have a series of images and videos that have been snapped with the Pixel 6 Pro. This was verified by Lee using the metadata provided by the phone. In the first bit, we can see that this model has four different zoom ranges for photos: .7x, 1x, 2x, and 4x. Switching to video, this model includes.7x, 1x, and 4x for, so we should have plenty of flexibility when the Pixel 6 Pro actually arrives.

Even when viewing the compressed images in a YouTube video, there’s plenty of detail that can be made out, pointing to Google re-claiming its throne as the best camera phone on the market. Unfortunately, there are some instances where the photo didn’t really look that great, but Lee points out that the individual who provided the images is not a photographer or videographer. Nevertheless, when looking at the images, the level of detail is incredible and is on par with what we expect from a new Google device.

It’s important to note that these images come from a pre-production unit, running pre-production software. Plus, the images have been shared, and then re-shared, and then published to YouTube, so there’s the potential of a lot of compression of the images.

Although Google continues to build up the hype train for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, we still have no official indication as to when the devices will become available. Recent rumors and leaks suggest that Google will hold an event on October 19 to announce everything else regarding the phones, with a release date of October 28.


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