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TP-Link launches new Kasa Outdoor Smart plugs


More often than not, a lot of electronic gadgets out there hate water, which is why for the most part, a lot of smart home appliances tend to be created for indoor use. However, if you want to expand the range of your smart home to your backyard, then TP-Link might have something for you.

The company has announced a pair of new Kasa smart plugs that are designed for outdoor use. The first of which is the KP401 Smart WiFi Outdoor Plug that does not require the use of a hub and can take advantage of your home’s 2.4GHz WiFi network (which has a longer range than 5GHz, but slightly slower).

All you need to do is connect a gadget to it, whether it be outdoor lights, speakers, and so on, and you’ll be able to control how it turns on or off using the accompanying app. For those who want a bit of mood lighting, there is also the KP405 Smart WiFi Outdoor Plug-In Dimmer, which as the name suggests will allow users to remotely dim and control lights connected to it.

Both plugs are weather sealed so they should be able to withstand things like rain up to a certain extent, so using it outdoors shouldn’t be an issue. They are also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, but unfortunately there is no support for Apple’s HomeKit. The Kasa KP401 is priced at $17 while the KP405 will go for $30.

Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug
  • 【Long Wi-Fi Range and IP64】Long Wi-Fi range up to 300 feet with IP64 weather resistance. Waterproof cover is attached to...
  • 【Voice and Remote Control】Add voice control to any outdoor outlet. Enjoy the hands-free convenience of controlling any...
Kasa Outdoor Smart Dimmer Plug
  • 【Designed Exclusively for Dimmable Lights】Enjoy your smart home outside with this weather-resistant smart dimmer....
  • 【IP64 WEATHER RESISTANCE & LONG-RANGE Wi-Fi】IP64 rating helps protect your plug against dust intrusion and splashes of...

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