Nokia is gearing up to announce a tablet on October 6


When you think of Nokia, you probably don’t really think about it as a “go-to” brand for anything other than an Android One phone. That’s by design, as its parent company seemingly wants nothing to do with battling Samsung and OnePlus for the best Android phones.

But one market where Nokia could really shine is in tablets, and it appears that’s exactly what the company plans to do. In a tweet, the company teased an image of the Nokia 3310 next to a slab acting as the frame of a tablet. The odd thing here is how Nokia words the tweet, stating that it will be “everything you’d expect from a Nokia phone in a tablet.”

Truthfully, we’re hoping that’s not the case. The market doesn’t need another mid-range or budget Android tablet that doesn’t really spark any joy other than for those who have an affinity for the Nokia brand. Instead, it would be incredible if Nokia came out with a flagship Android tablet to take on the Galaxy Tab S7 and the Lenovo Tab series.

It’s also an odd comparison to make, considering that the Nokia 3310 is four years old at this point, and is a souped-up feature phone. So does this mean we’re getting a tablet with hardware buttons on the screen? It surely can’t be a hat-tip to the potential price, as the 3310 was released at around $160.

But who knows, maybe Nokia will shock us all on October 6th and show off something that we aren’t expecting. I’m tepidly excited to see what’s to come, but I’m definitely not getting my hopes up.


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