Amazon Halo View is here to take on the Fitbit Charge 5


The Fitbit Charge 5 just became available for purchase after being announced earlier this month, and Amazon has just announced a pretty stiff competitor. The Amazon Halo View is the company’s latest fitness tracker, building upon the success of the original Amazon Halo.

The Amazon Halo View sports an AMOLED color touchscreen display, along with providing haptic feedback when you interact and use it. With this display, you’ll be able to view different activity metrics, along with results from the built-in health tracking sensors. Included with the Halo View is the ability to track sleep scores, a blood oxygen (SpO2) sensor, along with a heart rate monitor and even a skin temperature sensor.

These new fitness tracking sensors will work perfectly with the new Halo Fitness service, which is Amazon’s response to Apple Fitness+ and Fitbit Premium. With Halo Fitness, you will be able to select from “hundreds of exclusive, studio-quality workouts for all fitness levels.” Amazon also plans to continue adding different workouts, led by “popular Halo coaches”.

Also coming to the Halo View is Halo Nutrition, which is essentially a glorified calorie counter. But you will also be able to view and access more than 500 different recipes, and are provided with the ability to add the ingredients to your Alexa Shopping List.

Amazon claims the Halo View will last for up to seven days on a single charge, and getting it back up to 100% will take less than 90 minutes. Additionally, the Halo View comes in three different sport band colors, and Amazon plans to offer a total of 15 sport bands, eight fabric bands, two leather bands, and “metal band options.”

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of the Amazon Halo View is the price, as Amazon states this new fitness tracker can be had for just $80. The company didn’t provide specific shipping dates, but instead said that it will “start shipping in time for the holidays”.

Included with the price of the Halo View will be one year of the new Halo Membership, which gives you access to Halo Nutrition and Halo Fitness. Halo Fitness will arrive to members later this year, while Halo Nutrition won’t be available until January 2022.

You can sign up today to be notified as to when the Halo View will be available for purchase.

Amazon Halo View


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