Soon Chrome for Android can load desktop versions of websites by default


There is obviously a reason why websites have slightly different designs on mobile versus the desktop. This is because smaller screens on our phones compared to monitors means that certain UI elements need to be changed so that it works better on phones, and how some aspects of the interface needs to be optimized for touch input versus a mouse.

That being said, sometimes there could be bugs that cause the mobile page to load incorrectly, so obviously pulling the desktop version is better. Chrome already has a feature that lets users request for a desktop version of a website, and soon it seems you can enable it by default.

What this means is that soon users will be able to toggle on a feature that will make all websites on Chrome for Android load the desktop version by default, so all websites you load will show the desktop version instead of the mobile version. Users can choose to load the page as a mobile-optimized version by unchecking the “Desktop site” checkbox, but this will save users time if for whatever reason they prefer the desktop version of a website.

As MSPowerUser points out, Microsoft’s Edge has a similar feature in its Canary and Dev channels, so if you want to see if this might be something you could see yourself using in the future, you can try out the Edge version first ahead of Chrome’s update.

Source: MSPowerUser

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