How to watch the Microsoft Surface event and what we’re expecting


If you thought the only device we are waiting for is the Pixel 6, then you would be slightly mistaken. Microsoft is hosting an event today, where the company could potentially refresh its lineup of laptops and Surface Pro devices. The event was announced a few weeks ago, and if you want to tune in, here’s what time you should be ready:

  • Chicago: 10 AM
  • New York: 11 AM
  • London: 4 PM
  • Berlin: 5 PM
  • Moscow: 6 PM
  • New Delhi: 8:30 PM
  • Singapore: 11 PM
  • Sydney: 1 AM

As for actually watching the event, there are two different places where you can sit back and enjoy what Microsoft plans to announce. The first of which is just via Microsoft’s own event page, where the event will be live-streamed. The stream itself is embedded into the page, so just hit the link below.

The second method is the more obvious one. Just like many of the other tech companies that are live-streaming announcements, you can watch via YouTube.

What to expect

Microsoft is expected to refresh almost its entire lineup of hardware devices, except for the Surface Laptop, as that was just recently updated. But this event could be jam-packed, as it’s likely that the following devices will be revealed.

Surface Pro

Microsoft’s Surface Pro series of devices are some of the most popular laptops, and are not hindered by hand-cuffed versions of Windows. Rumors point to the Surface Pro 8 adopting a design similar to that of the Surface Pro X with slimmer bezels and a lighter chassis. We’re also hoping for an updated display with a faster 120Hz refresh rate, to go along with a combination of USB-C and Thunderbolt ports for connectivity. Pricing for the Surface Pro 8 is expected to start at around $800.

Surface Go 3

Although not as popular as the Surface Pro, the Surface Go 3 is also likely to be slightly refreshed. But Microsoft is likely to keep the design essentially the same, only offering an “upgrade” in the specs department.

Surface Book 4

If you’re a fan of the Microsoft Surface lineup of products, and want as much power that Microsoft can pack into a device, then you’re likely interested in the Surface Book 4. The Book 3 is long-overdue for an update, and Microsoft could really introduce a new laptop that steals the show. Specific details regarding the Surface Book 4 are scarce, but patent filings have been found that suggest Microsoft could implement a design similar to what you see with the iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard. The display could essentially be pulled forward and tilted back, providing a more ergnomic experience.

Surface Duo 2

Truthfully, it was great to see Microsoft get back into the smartphone game with the Surface Duo last year. But since then, there’s been a whole lot of disappointment. Microsoft is looking to rectify things with the Surface Duo 2. The company won’t be adopting the single-screen foldable lifestyle, instead, sticking with the dual-screens with the folding hinge in the middle.

Microsoft is also expected to update the internals with more modern specs such as the Snapdragon 888, along with 5G connectivity and even an NFC chip. Another major upgrade is expected to come via the rear camera system. Previous leaks have shown the Surface Duo 2 sporting a triple-camera array, at the cost of being able to fold backwards and lay flat like the current Surface Duo can.

Along with all of these devices, expect Microsoft to take a bunch of time to show off what Windows 11 will look like when it arrives. Considering that Android app support has been delayed, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for an update today that lets everyone know when that will actually be arriving.


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