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Lighting in a room is important. This is because lighting plays a crucial role in determining how a room feels, which in turn can affect your mood. For example, there is a reason why offices tend to use bright and white light, whereas hotel rooms tend to go for a warmer tone to make it feel more cozy.

This is why choosing the right lighting and temperature is important when determining the function of a room. After all, you don’t want to design an office with dim and warm lighting because that will just put everyone to sleep!

But what if you happen to use the same room for work or school and it doubles as your bedroom? Short of buying multiple lamps, having a lamp that has the ability to change color might be a good idea, and Lastar’s new lamps could be what the doctor ordered. The company has unveiled three brand new lamps in the form of the Light Therapy Lamp, a desk lamp, and also a floor lamp.

Light Therapy Lamp

Starting with the Light Therapy Lamp, this is a lamp designed to combat seasonal affective disorder (SAD). This usually occurs during winter where the sun stays up for a shorter period of time. In turn, this can cause some people to feel drowsy or even depressed because less sunlight means a drop in serotonin levels, the chemical that naturally occurs in our bodies that make us feel “happy”.

The Light Therapy Lamp is designed to mimic the effects of sunlight where it comes equipped with a cluster of 70 lamp beads and can hit over 10,000 lux. Sitting in front of this lamp can make you feel energized in as little as 20 minutes. It also features three different brightness levels depending on your preference.

LASTAR Sunlight Lamp with Touch Control
  • 【10000 Lux SunLamp】This sun lamp mimics the full spectrum of light found in 6500K daylight, providing the recommended...
  • 【Adjustable 5 Brightness】LASTAR sun lamp by using sun-shaped button to dim and brighten (5%-10%-40%-70%-100%) and one-key...

Desk Lamp

Lastar’s desk lamp looks rather simple but that’s actually one of the reasons why we like it. It has a clean and minimalist design that helps it blend into most home furnishings. One of the features of the Lastar desk lamp is its portability, where the base and lamp head can be folded, making it easy to pack up and take with you.

It even has a touch-sensitive slider on the base of the lamp that lets you adjust things like its brightness or color temperature, where it can go from a bright white light, to something more comfortable and warmer. There is even a built-in timer that you can use so that it automatically shuts itself off after an hour to help you save energy in case you forgot to turn it off.

LASTAR Dimmable Eye-Protecting Table Lamp
  • Gentle on the Eyes:The Lastar desk lamp gives off a soft, flicker-free glow, 4 levels of color temperature, and 5 levels of...
  • Built-In USB Port: Samll desk lamp Includes a 5V/1A USB port that can fully charge a phone, smartwatch, tablet, or any other...

Floor Lamp

Floor lamps come in various shapes and sizes, with some meant to cast a gentle glow, while others might be more focused on activities like reading. Lastar’s floor lamp seems to cater towards the latter where it features a lamp head that can be adjusted to focus on specific areas thanks to its flexible neck.

Much like the company’s desk lamp, the Lastar floor lamp also allows users to choose from various color temperatures, so if you need something that will keep your focus, you can opt for a cooler color, or a warmer one if you want to help create a more cozy atmosphere.

The design of the lamp is also rather simplistic and minimalistic and will probably not draw too much attention to itself, perfect if you’re not a fan of distracting furniture and appliances.

LASTAR Standing Lamp for Living Room
  • 【Dimmable 4 Color Temperature and 4 Brightness 】This standing lamp customize your experience by choosing Lightness from...
  • 【45-min Timer & Momery Function】LASTAR floor lamps for bedroom pvovide 45 -minute timer function which make you and your...

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