Gaming phones may become more mainstream thanks to Qualcomm


While there’s a lot of focus placed on flagship Android phones like the Galaxy S21 Ultra and the OnePlus 9 Pro, some of the best Android phones we’ve seen this year are actually gaming-focused. That’s because these devices come in at a lower price, while including some features that you would never expect. Some examples of this include the RedMagic series of phones with the Snapdragon 888 at the helm. But a new report from WinFuture claims that Qualcomm is working on two new processors that are designed specifically for budget-friendly gaming phones.

These new processors are known as the Qualcomm SM6375 and SM6225, but not too much is known just yet about the SM6225. As for the SM6375, this octa-core chipset is said to offer four higher-clock cores, along with four slower cores. But WinFuture also reports that there could be as many as four different variants of the SM6375 when the processor is made available for smartphone manufacturers. Other features that this chipset will bring are said to be 5G connectivity, support for 144Hz refresh rates, and it could be branded as the Snapdragon 695.

As we stated before, there’s not much known just yet about the SM6225 in terms of specs, core count, or clock speeds. However, the report from WinFuture states that it’s likely to be “closely related” to the Snapdragon 765. It’s also being speculated that the SM6225 could be the successor to the Snapdragon 665, which was released in 2018.

If Qualcomm can deliver on performance with both (or either) of these chips, this could open the door for even more gaming-centric phones to make their way to the market. Seeing as there’s already been a pretty sizable uptick in Android gaming phones over the past year, having a phone with a 144Hz display for less than $400 would be pretty incredible.


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