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Microsoft’s Windows platform has been pretty much the dominant platform for forever. This is why many computers still use it today, and why there’s a good chance you could be using it as well. We imagine that most of you are on Windows 10, maybe the Home version which is cheaper, but have you ever thought that maybe it might be time to go Pro?

We know, Pro is more expensive, but you’re in luck.

The good folks at VIP-SCDkey are having a back-to-school sale for Windows 10 where you can get yourself a Pro OEM copy for a mere $14. It sounds awesome, doesn’t it? All you need to do is apply the skpha discount coupon on checkout to enjoy the 30% discount.

In addition to the softwares listed above, VIP-SCDkey also sells other types of software, whether it be PC system tools like antivirus software or video games, there will be a wide selection to choose from, and they will all also enjoy the same 30% coupon by using the skpha code on checkout.

Why you should upgrade to Windows 10 Pro

Most people probably choose to use Windows 10 Home because it is either bundled together with their PC or because it was the cheaper option compared to Pro, but at $14, we imagine that upgrading to Windows 10 Pro has become a lot more tempting. But still, why spend that $14?

For one, Windows 10 Pro comes with a feature called BitLocker. It is basically Microsoft’s own encryption software that has been around since Windows Vista. It allows users to encrypt the Windows boot drive and other drives on the system, along with USB keys and external drives. This means that trying to unlock the contents of your drive will be more difficult, especially when you’re traveling.

There are also other handy features like Remote Desktop Connection that lets users remotely control other machines, making it useful if you’re trying to diagnose a problem remotely or use it as an educational tool.

Last but not least, there’s Windows Sandbox. This creates a self-contained virtual environment so you can test apps you downloaded from the internet without worrying that it will compromise your actual PC.

These are just some of the many features that Windows 10 Pro has over the Home edition, so $14 is honestly quite a steal.

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